Not growing up with my parents definitely makes me want to be the best Father I can to my kids,
As I have matured I came to understand that I had the perfect parents, I had the parents I needed, even
though they weren’t physically present in my childhood I know they always worked hard to make sure I
had what I needed, and also taught me that I could be anything I wanted to be at a very young age.
I personally believe Family is the most important thing in life, which is why I always do my best to be
there for my kids, spend time with them, help out with homework if they need me to, travel and visit
their favorite places, and I really enjoy showing them about many things in life.
Without my kids there wouldn’t be no Frank Cortez, they are my Why, and my Purpose.


I am very passionate about learning, business, finances, helping others, music, and many other things.
With that being said, is hard for me to just focus on one thing and not do the others which I’m good at
and enjoy, so I decided to connect with likeminded individuals who share some of these ideas with me,
team up and together build a company where we all win and succeed.
I have Founded and Co-Founded great teams and companies such as Legacy Builders, Legacy Builders
Foundation, Reboot Sports Therapy, The Adventure Bus, NBOL Agency, Sega Promotions and many
I have developed a great blueprint for anyone who got an idea and is ready to launch it.
From branding, designing, marketing, growth, developing products and services and many other tools
most businesses need in today’s technology.
Got a Business Idea?
Let’s launch it!


After many years of experiencing different type of markets, and taking many courses, I know when and
where to invest.
From growing a retirement account such a 401k or IRA, to re investing the money to work harder and in
different fields such as Real Estate, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies and more, to reaching financial stability.
With my knowledge and skills I have also taught classes about day trading in more liquid markets such as
Forex, and Cryptocurrencies sharing my strategies, and secrets with those who are willing to learn, and
put in the time and work

With over 10 years in the Aviation field, I have had the honor to share my skills and expand my
knowledge with great Aviation companies such as Virgin Galactic, Virgin Orbit, General Atomics,
Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and many other organizations which have helped me be very
talented in one of my many childhood dreams and one of my Fathers vision.
To this day, I consider Aviation one of my most challenging hobbies that I still practice when I want to
get creative, want to continue to keep my Aviation background ready or simply want to support and
spend time with my friends and colleagues

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